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   Vehicle break-ins and thefts in the area    7 November, 2018

There have been a number of reports of vehicle theft and damage to cars and vans recently, including in Stanbury Close and the Ditton Lane car park.

If you have any information regarding these crimes or see anyone acting suspiciously, please report it on the non-emergency number 101, or call Crime Stoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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   Recent break-ins in Fen Ditton    28 October, 2017

The police have recently informed residents of a recent spate of crimes in the village, including two burglaries in High Ditch Road on Friday 27th October.

If you have any information regarding these crimes, or saw anyone acting suspiciously, please call 101. If you wish to remain anonymous please call Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111.

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   Shed security    2 May, 2017

There have been a number of shed break-ins in the area recently, include several in Fen Ditton on 26th April. Please read on for advice from the police on ways to help keep your property secure and reduce the chance of your becoming a victim of crime

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   Burglary on Church Street, Fen Ditton    12 April, 2017

The police have issued reports of a number of crimes committed locally, one of them in Church Street, Fen Ditton.

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   Car break-ins in Blue Lion Close and High Ditch Road, Fen Ditton    9 January, 2017

The police have issued a report on two cars being broken into overnight on 5th January.

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   Securing your home - the Bad Wolf test    5 December, 2016

The police have developed an online test so that people can confirm how secure their property is from burglars.

Please read on for more details and to try the test for yourself.

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   The Bobby Scheme    5 December, 2016

Please read on for details of a local charity which provides a service to older or vulnerable people by improving home security to reduce crime and the fear of crime.

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   Offenders arrested after vehicle break-in on High Ditch Road    8 June, 2016

The police report that on Tuesday 7th May at around 7am an offender was seen breaking into a vehicle in High Ditch Road. The owner stopped him and he was subsequently arrested at the scene. His accomplice was arrested later in the day.

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   Criminal damage at the Pavilion    12 April, 2016

Criminal damage was reported, Church Street, Fen Ditton. This occurred between Sunday 10th April and Monday 11th April. Offenders have attempted burglary at the sports pavilion at location.

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   Burglary on Church Street, Fen Ditton    10 March, 2016

Between 11:00 am and 2:24 pm on the 09/03/2016 on Church Street, Fen Ditton, unknown person(s) have forced the rear patio door off its hinges. Jewellery and electronics were reported stolen.

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   Theft from a vehicle on High Ditch Road, Fen Ditton    7 December, 2015

Between 8:30 am on 5th December and 3 pm on 6th December, unknown offenders gained entry to a vehicle and items were stolen.

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   Theft from a vehicle, Station Road, Stow Cum Quy    18 October, 2015

A theft from a vehicle was reported, Station Road, Stow Cum Quy. This occurred on Saturday 17th October 2015 between 1.30pm and 2.45pm. The passenger front window has been smashed and vehicle entered. A purse and diary were stolen from inside.

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   Attempted garage break-in on High Street, Fen Ditton    9 October, 2015

Some time between Sunday 4th October and Thursday 8th there was an attempted garage break-in on High Street, Fen Ditton. The roller shutter doors were found to be broken and twisted. Entry was not gained to the garage.

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   Break-in on Church Street, Fen Ditton    6 October, 2015

The police have issued reports of two crimes committed locally, one of them in Church Street, Fen Ditton.

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   Break-in on Clayhithe Road, Horningsea    24 August, 2015

On Saturday 22nd August between 7.30pm and 11.00pm, a Ford Transit van was broken into on Priory Road, Horningsea. It appears it has been searched but nothing was taken.

Between Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd , also in Horningsea, on Clayhithe Road, a house was entered and cash was stolen from a purse upstairs.

Finally, another church has been the victim! This time, St Mary’s and St Andrew’s church in Whittlesford, where four items of altar silverware were stolen some time between 16th and 22nd August.

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   Prowler spotted along High Ditch Road    19 August, 2015

A prowler was spotted going along High Ditch Road at around 02:00 on 19th August 2015 shining a torch in cars, trying car doors and generally snooping around garages.

He was a tall white middle-aged male with a distinctive nose. He was wearing a flat cap, hooded parka style coat, trousers that were a little too short, working gloves and dark trainers.

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   Distraction Burglary in Whitton Close, Swavesey    18 August, 2015

Dear all,
Please see details below of a distraction burglary that took place yesterday in Swavesey. The victim is an elderly female.  Please be aware of this type of offence and ensure that you secure your property even when you are at home. We recommend that you limit access to you property by having any access to the rear of your property secured by a locked gate in addition to having front and rear doors locked. Please also keep an eye out for any vulnerable neighbours you may have.
CF0334840815  (Whitton Close, Swavesey )
Distraction Burglary in a dwelling with intent to commit an offence
17/08/2015 11:00 - 17/08/2015 13:00
Smartly dressed male suspect approached resident while she was out on her driveway and offered to do some work to the driveway, resident refused the offer but then noticed the two younger suspects in her front garden to her right who then made off when she challenged them. Upon returning to property resident noticed items missing from her bedroom which is at the rear of the property.

If you have any information which may assist with the investigation into this crime please call 101, reply to this message or call crime stoppers anonymously 0800 555 111.

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   Burglary on Meadowlands Road, Teversham    15 August, 2015

A burglary was reported, Meadowlands Road, Teversham. This occurred on Saturday 15th August during the night. Offender(s) have entered the property through the rear garden. It appears they have climbed through an insecure rear ground floor window into the kitchen.  A handbag was stolen from the kitchen.

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   Catalytic converter thefts    10 July, 2015

Do you own a Mercedes Sprinter van or do you know someone who does?  If so, please read this.

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   Watch out for new 'Royal Mail' email scam    19 June, 2015

The police have issued a report of a new type of scam email purporting to come from Royal Mail, which actually contains a computer virus. Do not open attachments or click on links in unsolicited emails, regardless of who they are from. Read on for the full report.

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   Cambridgeshire Crimestoppers Tackling Crime on Your Doorstep    29 May, 2015

As part of their June 2015 Doorstep Crime campaign, the independent crime-fighting charity Crimestoppers is reminding the residents across Cambridgeshire to be aware of doorstep crime during the long days of summer and autumn, and to report any suspicious activity.

Please read their article about rogue trading and distraction burglary, with tips on ways to avoid it, and pass on their advice to your neighbours.

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   Latest information from eCops, issued 22nd May    22 May, 2015

The police have issued reports of two crimes committed locally, one of them in High Street, Fen Ditton.

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   Help shape the future of crime prevention and rural policing    21 May, 2015

Cambridgeshire Constabulary are part of a major survey being undertaken by the National Rural Crime Network into rural crime, and are inviting people who work or live in rural areas to come forward and give their views on policing in their community, the impact crime and ASB has on them and their neighbours, and ultimately to help shape the future of crime prevention and rural policing.

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   Latest information from eCops, issued 16th May    16 May, 2015

The police have issued reports of two crimes committed locally.

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   Burglary reported on Horningsea Road    15 May, 2015

A burglary was reported, Horningsea Road, Fen Ditton. This occurred on Thursday 14th May during the hours of darkness. Offender(s) have smashed a rear patio window, to gain entry. An untidy search was carried out.

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   eCops reports of recent crimes locally    5 May, 2015

The police have issued reports of a number of crimes committed locally.

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   A number of caravan and boat thefts    17 April, 2015

Just to make you all aware we have had a number of caravan and boat  thefts in the Cambridgeshire area including South Cambs.   In addition to this generators, power tools and heating oil continue to be a target. 
These are the crimes specifically relating to this kind of theft since the 9th April 2015 to date and for the whole of Cambridgeshire. 


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   Catalytic Converter theft in Teversham    11 April, 2015

To make you aware of a crime that occurred in Teversham overnight of 27th/28th March. The catalytic converter was cut and removed from a car parked in a car parking area near to Sheppard way. This is a particularly audacious crime and very often this kind of thing is carried out in broad daylight, often in public car parks. There is a quite a high value scrap price for these items. If you see someone working on a vehicle with cutting equipment and you don’t know who it is it is well worth calling the police, we would suggest on 999, and if possible take notice of any vehicles being used by those carrying out the “work”
Also, we would like to bring to your attention that there have been an increased number of shed and outhouse burglaries in the Sawston neighbourhood, specifically Great Shelford, Stapleford and Hinxton. With the better weather and lighter nights now is a good time to review your home security.

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   Off-road motorbikes on Ditton Meadows and Stourbridge Common    3 March, 2015

There have been reports of an increasing number of ‘cross country’ mopeds and motorbikes (mini-bikes) causing damage on both Ditton Meadows and Stourbridge Common.

No motorbikes (no matter how small) should be on the Meadows (which are privately owned land) or the Common, or on footpaths or cycle routes. Some guidance is available here.

Please report any sightings to the non-emergency local police number (call 101), providing dates, times, numbers and descriptions – whatever information you can.

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   Thefts from Ford Transit vans    3 March, 2015

Do you own a business where you use a van for your work and keep your tools in your van overnight?  If so, please read this.

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   Watch out for new ?number spoofing? scam    5 February, 2015

The police have issued reports of a new scam being increasingly used by fraudsters, in which they make the people they are phoning believe they are speaking to a trusted organisation by fooling their phones into displaying any number they choose. The scam, known as ‘number spoofing’, works by fraudsters cloning the telephone number of the organisation they want to impersonate and then making it appear on the victim’s caller ID display when they telephone them on a landline. The fraudsters then gain the person’s trust by highlighting the number to them, claiming that this is proof of their identity, before trying to scam them in various ways.

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   Think twice before posting on social media sites!    5 February, 2015

Many people are aware that criminals use the internet and social media sites to find out information about them, such as where they live and what they like to do. As a number of people are booking winter-sun and skiing holidays at this time of year, it is a concern that they may be advertising the dates when they will be away, as well as address details, when looking for lift-sharing to major airports or ports.

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   Latest information from eCops, issued 28th January    28 January, 2015

Our PCSO, Julie Hajredini, has issued reports of two crimes since her last eCops message:

23/01 11:10 & 12:10, Station Road, Stow cum Quy. Theft from motor vehicle.
Window in unattended Volvo XC90 smashed, entry gained and handbag stolen from passenger footwell whilst parked in country lane. CF0030610115

24/01 12:15 & 13:44, Newmarket Road Park & Ride. Theft from motor vehicle.
A vehicle was left securely parked and locked at the Park & Ride, when the owner returned she had found her spare wheel had been stolen. It was reported to Police and the offender(s) have been detained. CF0032280115

If you have any information regarding these crimes, please contact the police on 101 and quote the relevant CF number.

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   Warnings over criminals posing as police officers    23 January, 2015

The police have issued two warnings today following recent incidents in which men have posed as police officers, one in Northfield Avenue on 20th January and the other in Fulbourn Old Drift, Teversham, on 21st January. Members of the public are advised to be cautious.

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   House burglaries including thefts of car keys    20 January, 2015

The police report that there have been three house burglaries in which vehicle keys have been the target since the weekend, in Fulbourn, Little Shelford and Barrington.

Do take precautions to make sure any vehicle keys are not within easy reach of doors or windows, especially on the ground floor. Keep them somewhere secure, or take them upstairs with you at night. The models targeted are often high-powered vehicles such as BMWs and Audis.

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   Help protect yourself and your neighbours against telephone scams     13 January, 2015

There has been an increase in the reporting of telephone scams in the last month, particularly the type of calls in which the caller impersonates either a police officer, or a fraud officer or bank employee, and then either tries to get bank account details off the resident or suggests that they will send someone round to collect their bank cards and any valuable items to ‘keep them safe’.

Please be wary of telephone calls warning you of fraudulent activity on your bank account.

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   Interactive crime prevention from Cambridgeshire Constabulary    12 January, 2015

Cambridgeshire Constabulary have developed an interactive website to help people keep their homes secure. On it you can select specific areas of home security for detailed advice, from general maintenance, installations and tips to British Standards Certifications. There is also a self assessment survey, and links to useful organisations. Here is a link to the site.

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   Another burglary in Stanbury Close    23 December, 2014

eCops reported two breakins in the village, one on High Street between the 14th and 19th December and another in Stanbury Close on the 17th. We have just received a report of another breakin last night, again in Stanbury Close. 

Here's a link to the eCops update

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   Latest information from eCops, issued 23rd December    23 December, 2014

The Enquiry Offices at Cambourne,  Sawston and Histon Police Stations will be closed from 24th December until 5th January.
There has been 7 Crimes to report since the last ecops message on 9th December.

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   Latest information from eCops, issued 9th December    10 December, 2014

Cambridgeshire Constabulary have issued reports of 4 crimes since 1st December, and also that a burglar, Oliver Dalby, has recently been sentenced to two and a half years imprisonment for a total of 19 house burglaries across South Cambridgeshire.

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   New PCSO for Fen Ditton    10 December, 2014

As John Coppard has moved on to the Cambourne beat, our PCSO in Fen Ditton is now Julie Hajredini. She covers all the Fulbourn beat villages, which include Teversham, Great and Little Wilbraham, Six Mile Bottom, Fen Ditton, Stow-cum-Quy and Horningsea.

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   Sheds broken into on High Ditch Road    8 December, 2014

Two sheds were broken into last Thursday night in gardens on High Ditch Road. Some hand tools were taken from one, and it looks like the perpetrators made several visits, including one during the day to disable the security light, so they may have been planning to return.

Clearly we have some undesirables ‘working’ in the area so be extra vigilant and follow the advice on the eCops website.

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   Beware of door-to-door cold callers    27 October, 2014

The Histon Safer Neighbourhood Team of Cambridgeshire Constabulary has sent out information about a company cold-calling locally, that residents should beware of.

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   Latest information from eCops, issued 7th September    7 September, 2014

Cambridgeshire Constabulary have issued reports of 9 crimes since the last eCops update.

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   Latest information from eCops, issued 22 August    27 August, 2014

Cambridgeshire Constabulary have issued reports of 8 crimes since the last eCops update.

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   Latest information from eCops, issued 22 July    23 July, 2014

Cambridgeshire Constabulary have issued reports of 4 crimes since the last eCops update.

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   Home security during the summer - some tips from the police    23 July, 2014

Everyone needs a holiday or some time away, but unfortunately almost half of all burglaries happen when a flat or house is empty. By following some simple tips, you can help to make your home secure while you are away.

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   Latest information from eCops, issued 6th July    9 July, 2014

Cambridgeshire Constabulary have issed reports of 12 crimes since the last eCops update.

Cambridge Constabulary have issued reports of 7 crimes since the last eCops update - See more at: http://www.fenditton-pc.org.uk/nhw.php?id=209#sthash.CuhYQCo6.dpuf
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   Please help look out for Fen Ditton?s horses!    5 June, 2014

If you live near any of the fields with horses in them around the village, you will recognise the people who look after them. If you notice anyone else taking a suspicious interest in the horses, please report it to the police by dialling 101 at once (or 999 if a crime is actually taking place).

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   Break-in at the Pavilion    17 May, 2014

The Cambridge News reported that

'Raiders ransacked a sports pavilion in Fen Ditton after criminals hurled a brick through a window.

Police are appealing for information about the burglary in Green End which happened over the weekend.

They searched cupboards in the kitchen but nothing stolen and police say the crime will be “filed as no evidence to confirm suspects at this stage”.'

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   Latest information from eCops, issued 14th May    14 May, 2014

Cambridge Constabulary have issued reports of 7 crimes since the last eCops update.

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   Rogue Trading incident(s)    9 May, 2014

ecops have sent out two warnings about rogue traders.

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   3 x Burglary from shed / garages + Burglary    16 April, 2014

Latest info from e-cops, issued 16 April 2014

1 x Burglary with intent to commit an offence - occurred between 10 – 2pm on 06/03 on High Ditch Road, entry was gained using a key obtained from the key safe attached to the wall. Once inside an untidy search has been conducted in multiple rooms. Approximately 6 silver engraved drinking tankards have been removed from the lounge of the location. No other items appear to have been taken. CF00851303142 x

Theft from premises at Scottsdale’s Garden Centre, Horningsea  Now identified males was seen on CCTV committing theft of yankee candles from the store on 05/03 and is awaiting court date for sentencing as he admitted crime in interview. The other theft was 45 bags of compost – which has been filed as no CCTV evidence and no witnesses due to time of offence.  CF0091880314 unknown offender/s has gained entry at rear of premises between 6.00pm on the 10/03 and 7.30am on 11/03.

1 x Theft of Motor Vehicle- occurred on 19/03 between 11.30 – 4.30pm unknown person has stolen a motor cycle from the rear car park at the Newmarket park and ride site - CCTV does not show an offender and the victim has now had his motorcycle returned after being found in a close near to where he lives. Crime has been closed and filed.

1 x Theft of pedal cycle – occurred at the Newmarket Park and Ride site between 27/03 -29/03 the cycle lock was cut and left lying on the ground, no witnesses or CCTV has provided Police with and offender and crime has been closed.

1 x Theft – Between 03/04/-04/04 Unknown offender/s have removed bolt and padlock from back gate to THE WHEATSHEAF, STOW RD, STOW CUM QUY. No sign of damage no witnesses or CCTV available crime has been now closed.

1 x Theft – at around 10pm on 08/04 3 dogs were stolen from the Gate house on station Road Stow Cum Quy, from a dog breeder of cocker spaniels, 3 dogs removed by cutting a hole in the wire fence. 2 dogs were found nearby and the 3rd has been found handed into wood green animal shelter. This has now been reunited with its owner. Increased security measures have now been put in place by the owner at location to try and detect any further intruders as this type of crime is on-going across the south Cambridgeshire area.

3 x Burglary from shed / garages occurred on 08/04 on church street Fen Ditton, Unknown offenders were disturbed by resident threats were made and offenders made off in a silver coloured vehicle no registration number known and offenders not identified, CF0128740414

1 x Production of controlled drugs found to in a garage that was broken into in the above crimes resident was found to be cultivating cannabis – crime has been raised and the resident has been cautioned as first time offence as he admitted it for personal use. Now closed and filed.

3 x Theft from motor vehicle/s occurred on 11/04/ between 3.00pm -3.00am on the 11/04 3 vehicle's broken into a Quy Mill Hotel, one of those had a smashed window were a handbag was taken. CF0132880414

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   Gang Targeting High Powered cars    13 March, 2014

eops is warning all South Cambs residents to be vigilant following two attempted  thefts of keys in the last 24 hours. The two attempted burglaries which occurred in Foxton and Harston are suspected to be attempts to take keys to high powered cars on drive ways.

The usual advice remains:
- Keep car keys out of sight
- Never leave key near a door or window

Work is ongoing to identify suspects, who were reported in Foxton to have made away in an older Style 2006 blue Vauxhal Vectra. Three white males in their mid 20's were seen on both occasion.

Please report cars similar to this, with male occupant matching this description if seen in suspicious circumstances to the police.

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   Theft from cars in the area    6 March, 2014

ecops have reported a spate of theft from cars in the area. 

1 x Theft from a motor vehicle, this occurred at the lay-by on Clayhithe Road, Horningsea.  Unknown offender has smashed front passenger window of aggrieves vehicle & stolen handbag from within which was hidden under the front passenger seat.

1 x Theft from motor vehicle, Blue lion close, Fen Ditton, occurred overnight between 26/02 at 8.30pm and 27/02 at 7.30am unknown offender has smashed front nearside window of white Vauxhall Corsa hatchback, index ak62myp, by unknown means whilst vehicle parked on front drive of terraced house. entry gained, handbag stolen from underneath front passenger seat and bank card stolen from glovebox.cf0074160214

1 x Theft from motor vehicle, Quy Mill Hotel, Church Road, Stow Cum Quy, occurred between 6.30 -7.30pm on 03/03 Unknown offender has stolen the aggrieves handbag from her car and has tried to use a bank card to withdraw £100 from her account.

1 x Theft from motor vehicle occurred overnight in a lay-by on the A14 junction with Horningsea/Fen Ditton. Unknown suspects have cut through side panel of a foreign lorry, whereby they have gained entry & stolen 15 packets of compact cleaners. CF0062690214

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   Bogus caller targeting older people    5 March, 2014

We have received this notice from the Histon Police:

We have received a report this morning from about what appears to be a bogus caller targeting older people.  He is going to properties that have solar panels fitted stating that he needs to check the meter and asking the home owner/tenant if they have a step ladder.  He does not offer any form of ID.  He is described as wearing glasses and around 5’ 5” to 6’ no real distinguishing features.  Apparently when questioned he ran off. This incident may also be linked to similar reports in Bassingbourn and Harston over the past few months.
Please be aware of this incident and report anything suspicious to the police.

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   Theft of Pedal Cycle on High Street    13 February, 2014

ecops has reported the theft of Pedal Cycle –Between 10.30 on 12/02 and 8.00 on 13/02 on the High Street in Fen Ditton unknown offender has stolen a cycle from the rear of car port which was out of sight from the street as victim parks her car in front of it.

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   Prowler spotted along High Ditch Road    1 February, 2014

A prowler was spotted going in and out of property along High Ditch road in the early hours of this morning (02:15). He seemed mostly interested in garages. The prowler was male, wearing a camouflage jacket with a hood, which was up and hiding his face. He was also wearing dark trainers with white soles.

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   Burglary in Fen Ditton area - Missing Bronze statue    22 January, 2014

Our local police are appealing for information in relation to a burglary that occurred on the 16/01/2014 at around 9.40pm. in the fen Ditton area. A glass window was broken and unknown suspects have reached into the property and have stolen a few items including a destinctive bronze statue. This piece in particular will stand out if anyone sees it. Click here to view the statue.

If you do remember hearing or seeing anything at the time of the offence please call police on 101 and quote CF0019120114 to report.

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   Man fined for Fly Tipping on Low Fen Drove Way    13 January, 2014

Coleridge man, Tarek Aldairy was fined £200 and ordered to pay £370 in costs at Cambridge Magistrates’ Court, after rubbish was dumped in Low Fen Drove Way, Fen Ditton, Derwent Close and Cherry Hinton.

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   Crime wave hits Waterbeach    3 December, 2013

8 homes hit in one night reported in the Cambridge News. 

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   Police issue postcode hotspots as burglaries increase    30 November, 2013

CB1 and CB4 are burglary hotspots according to Cambridgeshire police. 

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   Break-in on Church Street    18 November, 2013

Break in on Church Street some time between 7-10/11/13

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   Burglary on Green End    16 November, 2013

Burglary on Green End. Entry was forced by breaking a rear window. 

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