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   Securing your home - the Bad Wolf test    5 December, 2016

Burglaries are happening regularly across villages in South Cambs, usually happening in the day when properties appear to be empty, with cash and jewellery being the common things stolen. Have you considered how secure your property is? If not you may be interested to know that there is an online quiz designed to confirm how safe your property is. Chief Inspector James Sutherland from South Cambs Policing team created the quiz around a year ago and it is still running. Once the quiz is completed it tells you how safe your home is.

The ‘bad-wolf test’ takes just 2 minutes to complete and tells you how safe your home is from burglars. You get a score of bricks, twigs or straw. Anyone who gets the straw rating is given an email contact address and encouraged to get in contact with Cambs Police so that they are given the opportunity to have an officer from South Cambs Police, come out and do a free full home security survey.

Try the quiz yourself to see how safe your home is.

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