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   Neighbourhood watch hits a home run    20 August, 2015

An eagle eyed cyclist noticed some odd behaviour of a pedestrian coming out of a driveway on High Ditch Road. Having seen the warning on the parish council's website about a prowler in the area the previous day, the cyclist decided to observe the pedestrian with the help of two other passers-by. 

They also noticed an abandoned bicycle in an odd location and even stranger behaviour from the pedestrian. He had climbed over a fence of the pony field and appeared again like a meerkat from Shepherds Close. Putting two and two together and after a brief discussion with the pedestrian, 999 was called, at which point the suspect ran off, only to be picked up by the arriving police.

Some swift roadside investigation indicated that the bike was stolen and that the suspect may be linked to other recurring criminal activity on the High Street. By coincidence, one of the attending police officers thought he recognised the description of the prowler from the previous night. A quick look at some photographs positively identified the prowler as an offender well known to the police and a city resident, who may be having a visit from them in the near future.

Thank you, observant passers-by in helping us keep our village safe.

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