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   3 x Burglary from shed / garages + Burglary    16 April, 2014

Latest info from e-cops, issued 16 April 2014

1 x Burglary with intent to commit an offence - occurred between 10 – 2pm on 06/03 on High Ditch Road, entry was gained using a key obtained from the key safe attached to the wall. Once inside an untidy search has been conducted in multiple rooms. Approximately 6 silver engraved drinking tankards have been removed from the lounge of the location. No other items appear to have been taken. CF00851303142 x

Theft from premises at Scottsdale’s Garden Centre, Horningsea  Now identified males was seen on CCTV committing theft of yankee candles from the store on 05/03 and is awaiting court date for sentencing as he admitted crime in interview. The other theft was 45 bags of compost – which has been filed as no CCTV evidence and no witnesses due to time of offence.  CF0091880314 unknown offender/s has gained entry at rear of premises between 6.00pm on the 10/03 and 7.30am on 11/03.

1 x Theft of Motor Vehicle- occurred on 19/03 between 11.30 – 4.30pm unknown person has stolen a motor cycle from the rear car park at the Newmarket park and ride site - CCTV does not show an offender and the victim has now had his motorcycle returned after being found in a close near to where he lives. Crime has been closed and filed.

1 x Theft of pedal cycle – occurred at the Newmarket Park and Ride site between 27/03 -29/03 the cycle lock was cut and left lying on the ground, no witnesses or CCTV has provided Police with and offender and crime has been closed.

1 x Theft – Between 03/04/-04/04 Unknown offender/s have removed bolt and padlock from back gate to THE WHEATSHEAF, STOW RD, STOW CUM QUY. No sign of damage no witnesses or CCTV available crime has been now closed.

1 x Theft – at around 10pm on 08/04 3 dogs were stolen from the Gate house on station Road Stow Cum Quy, from a dog breeder of cocker spaniels, 3 dogs removed by cutting a hole in the wire fence. 2 dogs were found nearby and the 3rd has been found handed into wood green animal shelter. This has now been reunited with its owner. Increased security measures have now been put in place by the owner at location to try and detect any further intruders as this type of crime is on-going across the south Cambridgeshire area.

3 x Burglary from shed / garages occurred on 08/04 on church street Fen Ditton, Unknown offenders were disturbed by resident threats were made and offenders made off in a silver coloured vehicle no registration number known and offenders not identified, CF0128740414

1 x Production of controlled drugs found to in a garage that was broken into in the above crimes resident was found to be cultivating cannabis – crime has been raised and the resident has been cautioned as first time offence as he admitted it for personal use. Now closed and filed.

3 x Theft from motor vehicle/s occurred on 11/04/ between 3.00pm -3.00am on the 11/04 3 vehicle's broken into a Quy Mill Hotel, one of those had a smashed window were a handbag was taken. CF0132880414

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