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News  »  High Ditch Road 30 speed limit to be extended

   High Ditch Road 30 speed limit to be extended    25 February, 2014

The old railway bridge on High Ditch Road can be a dangerous pinch point if you meet a truck coming the other way, or if two cars and a pedestrian or cyclist approach at the same time. As you can see from the photo, two cars and a cyclist would be a tight fit at best, if a driver tried to overtake the cyclist on the blind approach. In spite of this, the speed limit over the bridge is currently a high flying 60 mph - not that many would be mad enough to try.

The Parish Council recently made an application to the Local Highways Improvement scheme to have the speed limit lowered over the bridge. The assessment panel must have been convinced with our assessment of the risks, because they chose to extend the current 30 mph limit.

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