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   Data indicates speed sign is having an effect    1 April, 2021

The more observant may have been thinking that the speed sign on High Ditch Road has been dormant for all of March. However, this is not actually the case: it’s been in what the manufacture calls 'spy mode', where it just records data. 

An initial look comparing the data between February and March indicates the number travelling at 30mph or below was significantly better when the speed indicator was illuminated. In February 92% were within the speed limit but in March the number dropped to 78%. The numbers travelling between 31 and 35mph also showed a big improvement when the sign was lit (6% in February and 17% in March). There was also an improvement in drivers practising for Formula 1, with this category at 0.13% in Feb compared with 0.54% in March. 

As ever with statistics, it’s not that simple as the sample size fell from 11,667 in Feb to 8,270 in March. And there was some improvement generally in the numbers entering the 30mph area.

A link to the March data is here. Note that the 'incoming' data refers to vehicles heading towards the speed sign and therefore out of the village.

The speed sign will have to remain in its current location, and may be out of action, over the summer until more volunteers are available. If you live on High Street, Church Street or Horningsea Road and want to help with the sign on your road please contact the Parish Clerk.

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