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News  »  Speed monitoring sign installed on High Ditch Road

   Speed monitoring sign installed on High Ditch Road    15 January, 2021

The intelligent speed sign or MVAS has been installed on a lamp post along High Ditch Road in the 30mph zone. While the sign may appear inactive, it is in 'Spy' mode, recording speed data to set a base line before activating the display. 

The device records speed data, producing statistics which may help us understand the extent of any speeding problem in the village. We will publish the data on this site when we have captured enough data.

The unit also needs a few adjustments as during testing we found a local jogger repeatedly running up High Ditch Road - apparently the unit was registering her speed and she was challenging herself to see how fast she could run! Obviously, recording joggers will distort the stats a bit.

The MVAS unit will be moved around the village every few months, being installed at approved licensed locations. We are still looking for volunteers to operate the system - if you want to get involved, please contact the Parish Clerk. 

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