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News  »  High Ditch Road - closed until 4th March UPDATED

   High Ditch Road - closed until 4th March UPDATED    19 February, 2019

High Ditch Road will remain closed until 4th March.

We have received the following explanation and details of forthcoming work from the County Council:

'Unfortunately issues involving drainage and existing utility stats apparatus (BT, UKPN and Cambridge Water mains) have dragged on.

'The granite kerbs for the new raised table at the junction have now been delivered and the contractor took the view that these kerbs should be laid straight away so that the remaining footway works could then be completed as well as the reinstatement of the junction surfacing. The granite kerbs need at least a week to ‘cure’ without vehicles running over them.

'The contractors prefer to follow this course of action rather than reopening High Ditch Road in mid-February and then having to complete the works on the High Ditch Road side of the junction in a few weeks’ time under another road closure. If the contractors could work a longer day, then the works would progress more quickly but their permit only allows for traffic management to be operational between 9.30 and 15.30 (which becomes an even shorter time when you factor in setting up/taking down).

'It is hoped that when the works are completed, residents in High Ditch Road and the High Street will find it easier to exit onto Ditton Lane/Horningsea Road – the raised table will slow vehicles on the B1047 which should create gaps in the traffic to pull out into.'

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