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Consultation #15  Fen Ditton Recreation Ground Trust - proposals for the Pavilion and play-sports equipment    (11 February, 2016)

This Consultation is: Closed

Fen Ditton Recreation Ground Trust presented proposals for refurbishing the Pavilion and refreshing the equipment on the Rec at a public consultation event in the Pavilion on 10th February. For people who were unable to attend that event, or who wish to examine the drawings more closely, they are all now available to view from this page.

Please click on the links below to see the current architect’s drawings:

And on these ones to see the drawings of the proposals for children’s play area:

The Recreation Ground Trust would like to understand residents' views on the proposals before proceeding further.

To provide feedback, you can print out copies of the questionnaires from the evening event by clicking on these links:

and return completed questionnaires by posting them through the letter box of Aquila, 11 Church Street (by the gate opposite the entrance to the Rec).

Alternatively, you can answer the same questions in an online survey by clicking here. Please do NOT use the feedback form below.

We would appreciate it if all responses, either on paper or online, could be sent in by 26th February 2016. Thank you very much.

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