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Consultation #12  Pedestrian crossing at the crossroads    (18 February, 2015)

This Consultation is: Open

A number of residents have reported near misses at the pedestrian crossing near the High Ditch Road / High Street / Horningsea Road / Ditton Lane junction. Several councillors have also reported near misses.

The cause is not understood but it seems that traffic from all directions has a tendency to go through the crossing when the traffic lights are red. Initial reports suggest this happens mostly when traffic pulls out from High Ditch Road heading north, where drivers can be so focused on timing a gap in the traffic that they miss the lights.

From the photo it appears the westerly lights are not aimed directly up Horningsea Road, which may contribute to the problem; also, the lights themselves are of an older design and not as bright as newer models. There is a programme of upgrading going on in the area but there is no date set for replacements.

Conversations with the County Traffic Department would indicate they are are not aware of any problems at these lights, with no recorded incidents, and so they are not a priority for an upgrade. Initial conversations suggested that this was a police matter and not a equipment design issue, but councillors are not convinced and therefore would like to know if you have had any near misses and if you could describe them so we can see if there is any pattern. If we can find a pattern, maybe the Traffic Department can suggest or provide a solution.  


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