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Consultation #7  B1047 Horningsea Road - High Ditch Road and High Street crossroads yellow lines    (6 March, 2014)

This Consultation is: Closed

As most villagers will have noticed, vehicles often park on High Ditch Road close to the Horningsea Road junction. While most of the time this is within the current rules, the curve of the junction often makes it difficult to see round the parked cars, forcing drivers to pull out without being able to see if there is any approaching traffic.


Local folklore suggests this junction is curved to allow large farm vehicles to turn in and thus the usual rule of not parking within 10 meters of the junction is not effective in preventing problems. There are other traffic rules that may apply, like causing an obstruction, but as there is some interpretation required our PSCO suggested the clarity of double yellow lines would help in the enforcement towards a safer environment.


In fitting with the village location we should be able to specify the much smaller 50mm wide lines and either primrose or deep cream in preference to the normal yellow lines of either 75 or 100mm. We would also envisage the lines being as short as possible to make the junction safer.


The parish council has been approached by several villagers about this parking problem and on the corner of High Street and Horningsea Road.


The Council would like to hear from you whether or not you think that double yellow lines on the corner of High Street and High Ditch Road would be a good idea.

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