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Consultation #2  Business Development and Pavilion Working Party(s)    (20 November, 2013)

This Consultation is: Closed

Most of us will be aware of the proposed development called Wing on the Marshall's site. Currently this is in the early stages of the planning cycle and we are waiting for the initial outline planning application.

In an effort to help the process, represent the opinions of the current residences and ensure the effective integration of the future residences of Wing into our community, the Parish Council is setting up several Working Parties to develop relevant policies.

So far the Parish Council has approved the formation of a Business Development Working Party, which despite its title will included buildings not obviously associated with businesses. This is due to the increased flexibility in changes of use for some building. For this reason an associated Working Party to look into the the requirements for the re-development of the Pavilion which is now well below modern standards and not really fit for purpose of the existing community or the enlarged future community.

Any interested residences of the Fen Ditton are invited to join either (or both) Working Party's, which we would hope to kick-off in September. 

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